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is a high purity, high quality and natural crystalline silica that is available exclusively through The 21st Century Silica Ltd.
The ground silica powder is inherently bright, white, low in moisture,
inert and at least 99.7% SiO

produced by a special processing technique and equipment,
is available in various distributions and features unmatched fineness and consistency of particle size.
This special processing technique assures controlled particle size distribution which means the elimination of excessively coarse or fine size.
These properties combined with inertness and competitively low cost, make the best quality filler/extender for a range of applications including paints and coatings, silicone rubber and epoxy and ceramics.

offers superior resistance to alkali, acid and heat.
It's lower thermal expension and conductivity make an outstanding filler and extender which needs stability.


• Paints  (Marine, Container, Architectural, Industrial, Automotive,
               Powder and Protective Coatings, PCM, etc)
• Ceramics
• Epoxy Compounds
• High Temperature Insulation
• Adhesives and Sealants
• Silicone Rubber
• Traffic Paints
• Wire and Cable Coating Compounds